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In 2006, the Artificial Intelligence community celebrates the golden anniversary of the 1956 Dartmouth Conference that marks the beginning of AI as a research field.

Several ECCAI member societies celebrate this event by special symposia and events:

2 May to 26 October 2006, Barcelona, Spain

ACIA in collaboration with the IIIA Institute is organizing a series of talks and events at "CosmoCaixa" (Barcelona's Science Museum).

17 June 2006, Bremen, Germany

During the 29th annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI-2006) the 50 Years AI Symposium will take place. Besides the 1956 Dartmouth Conference participant Marvin Minsky, several ECCAI Fellows will give speeches on the past and future of AI. The speakers include Aaron Sloman, Wolfgang Bibel, Joerg Siekmann, and Wolfgang Wahlster.

Live streaming video of the talks was available on 17 June via

29 August 2006, Riva del Garda, Italy

During ECAI 2006 the Italian AI society organizes an AI*IA event.

26-28 September 2006, Obninsk, Moscow region, Russia

The Russian Association is planning to run a special session "On the 50th Anniversary of AI" during their national conference on AI. See the conference site.

23 November 2006, Budapest, Hungary

The "Symposium for Young Researchers of Intelligent Systems" organised by the Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group of the John von Neumann Computer Society will commemorate the "50 years AI". See the details.

23 November 2006, Brussels, Belgium

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Free University of Brussels organizes a symposium on 50 years AI. See the symposium details.
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