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ACAI95 Contract

This is a copy of the ACAI 95 contract, in letter form, as provided by Susan Struthers. No separate guidelines are available. The Board still has to make them up, especially since the GA mentioned changes to format.

11 Nov. 1993

M J.F. Cloarec
Centre National d'Etudes des Telecommunications/        
Centre Lannion A
2 route de Trigastel, BP 40
F - 22301 Lannion CEDEX

Dear M Cloarec:

As you know the 1993 ECCAI General Assembly decided that ACAI95 
should be held in Perros-Guirec.        
The purpose of this letter is to convey this decision to you officially 
and to ask you to confirm that you are willing to organise the event.  In 
particular ECCAI would like confirmation that you agree to the following 

1) ECCAI will receive 50% of any profits made from the event.

2) A report on ACAI95 should be sent to ECCAI to arrive not later 
than 3 weeks before the next Board meeting following the event. 

3) The scientific committee should be strengthened by inviting 
Ernesto Burattini, ACAI 93 course director to be on it and bearing in mind 
the 1993 General Assembly's observations about shortening the event if 
possible. You are also asked to bear the Avignon conference and its tutorial 
programme in mind.

4) All advertising material and promotional material concerning the 
event must prominently display (e.g. on the outer cover of a brochure) that 
the ACAI95 is organised by ECCAI and hosted by you.  Both ECCAI's name 
and logo should be used.

5) The budget, the programme and any changes to the programme or 
budget must be agreed with the ECCAI Board.

6) You should keep in regular contact with the ECCAI Board, 
informing us of progress of the organisation of the event.  In particular a 
full report for the General Assembly in 1994 is required. 

7) ECCAI has a standardised logo for ACAI, modified for ACAI 95, that 
has been sent to you for use in publicizing the event (it is taken from the 
ECAI logo).

8) You are entitled to three pages free advertising in AICOM. Any 
further advertising must be paid for out of the budget for the event. 

9) If any book results directly from the event, then ECCAI is entitled 
to 50% of the royalties.

Please confirm that you are happy to organise ACAI95 under these 
conditions by returning a countersigned copy of this letter. 
Finally, ECCAI wishes you every success in the organisation of ACAI95 and 
is keen to help in any way it can to ensure an excellent event.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Oliviero Stock      Jean-Pierre Laurent
(ECCAI Chair)          (ECCAI Vice Chair)
Last update: 04-Feb-1996
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