At Amsterdam, 11 August 1994


W. Horn (ÖGAI)
W. Van de Velde (BAAI)
I. Popchev, D. Dochev (BAIA)
O. Stepánková (CSCI)
P. Ross (SSAISB)
M. Bramer, R. Milne (BCS-SGES)
V. Prince (ARC)
J.P. Laurent (AFIA)
Furbach (GI)
P. Koch, A. Markus (NJSZT)
M. Golumbia (IAAI)
O. Stock, P. Toraso (AI*IA)
H.J. Van den Herik, N.J.I. Mars (NVKI)
E. Oliveira (APPIA)
V.L. Stefanuk (SAAI)
F. Capkovic (SSKI)
I. Bratko, B. Filipic (SLAIS)
F. Barber, J. Cuena (AEPIA)
C.G. Jansson, (SAIS)
M. Wolf (SGAICO)

Chairman Report

The General Assembly started with the Chairman report. Oliviero Stock commented that even with the current difficult times, the progress in ECAI is obvious, he showed the proceedings of the First ECAI in Amsterdam (1980) and the proceedings of ECAI94. He commented that AI COmmunications was improving and the organization of ACAI95 was on course. Also, the number of awards granted to Eastern Countries were commented where 45 applications were received and 17 were allocated (only one award was not used). Also were received 26 applications during the last two years of awards from Western Countries and allocated 14.

Face to the future, it seems that even having a good financial situation at present, the ECAI94 Congress has provided some benefits at the current state of the Congress, but additional resources may be required to support ECCAI from the different Associations. This is an aspect to be considered in the near future. The relations with the European Union are at low level but improving. In fact AI is in the 4th Program Framework. As a general criticism it may be commented that the AI situation is at science level all right but at application level it is not.

The Chairman report ended giving thanks to the Board members for their cooperation.

Treasurer Report

Treasurer report was presented by N. Mars showing a positive balance (see annex) and it was approved. After the Treasurer report, about the expenses in ECCAI posters, some persons from the audience claimed that they did not receive posters. It was answered that posters were available at the IJCAI93 ECCAI booth. J. Cuena proposed to distribute the remaining ones among the associations what was agreed.

Relationship with the European Commission

The report about the relationship with the Commission was presented by Walter Van de Velde who, in summary, commented that the Commission did not know ECCAI but in fact the Commission is well aware of AI issues because from the 30 Networks of Excellence, 6 are dedicated to AI and in the 4th Program Framework AI is implicit in many topics.

Wahlster suggested to do as the American Association (AAAI) who provided a report on the AI challenges for the 21st century. This type of report could be presented to the European Parliament and the National Parliaments to produce an adequate level of political opinion on AI development.

Stefanuk commented on the interest in supporting the Eastern countries in the Commission decisions in Brussels.


The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of ECAI94 informed about the attendance at the Congress where from a total attendance of 598 were distributed in 248 members of European Societies, 183 non member, 143 students and 24 special cases. In summary, it was expected that some benefits will be produced between 15000 - 30000 Dfl.

Tony Cohn, the ECAI94 Chairman, informed about the development of the works to produce the technical program which was approved with congratulations.


The Program Committee and the activity planning of the Advanced Course on AI (ACAI95) were presented that will be held on the coast of French Brittany focused on AI algorithmics.


A follow-up report on ECAI96 organization was presented. It was commented by some members of the Assembly that the registration fee and the hotel cost were very high. It was suggested to modify the date to avoid the coincidence with AAAI; the organizers accepted to study the possibility of this change. The maximum registration fee was approved on 350 ECUs.

The Board proposed as Program Chair for ECAI96 Prof. Wahlster. The proposal was approved unanimously.


The proposal for ECAI98 organization in Brighton was presented, where some figures about the predictable cost of hotel and registration were presented that were on line with the limitations suggested for ECAI-96. The proposal was accepted.

New memberships

The proposal from Belorussia was not accepted because the promoters did not provided the required information. The YUGAI membership corresponding to the former Yugoslavia was agreed to continue in state of suspension.

The membership of the Catalan Association ACIA was discussed. It was agreed, after discussion, that as ECCAI does not want to enter in internal discussions inside the countries, although ACIA ahows adequate conditions to be accepted as member, given the problems of vote distribution with AEPIA, the current ECCAI Spanish member, it was agreed to delay one year the ACIA acceptance until the reception of one agreement between both Associations about vote distribution. If no agreement was produced along the year ECCAI Assembly will reconsider the ACIA membership.

M. Bramer proposed on this subject that a clearer procedure be defined for new Association membership.


R. Lopez de Mantaras informed that:

Although he believes that some progress has been made, the main problem is still the rather low number of submitted papers that obliges him to get good sollicited papers and to think about special issues.

Related to AICOMM, IOS Press proposed to increase the cost per issue from 4 ECUs to 5 ECUs. The German Association said that they reserve the possible change to bulk mailing instead of direct mailing from IOS Press.

Board Elections

Finally, a new Board was elected. First the President was elected. The only candidate J.P. Laurent, was accepted unanimously. Second, the remainder of the Board of Directors was elected. The candidates presented previously were J. Cuena, N. Mars, W. Van de Velde, V. Stefanuk. In the General Assembly O. Stepankova, the representative of the Czech Association proposed I. Bratko as candidate for the Board and he accepted. The five candidates were accepted unanimously so the new Board is:


The Assembly was closed at 14h.

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