At Paris, 7th July, 1995


Jean Paul Barthes              (AFIA)

Ivan Bratko                    (SLAIS) (Representing also Czech Cybernetic Society) 

José Cuena                      (AEPIA) 

Jean Erceau                    (AFCET) 

Baltazar Frankovic             (SKS) (SSKI now) 

Carl Gustaf Jansson            (SAIS) (Representing also Denmark Association) 

Gerry Kelleher                 (AISB) 

Jean-Pierre Laurent            (ECCAI)

Gabriel P. Lopez               (APPIA) 

Ramon Lopez de Mantaras                (AI Communications) 

Nicolaas Mars                  (repres. NVKI and BAIA) 

Johan Moller-Holst             (NAIS) 

Vadim Stefanuk                 (SAAI) 

Pietro Torasso                 (AI*IA) 

Maria Tóth                      (John v. Neumann Society) 

Wolfgang Wahlster              (GI) 

Manuel Zacklad                 (ARC) 


Jean-Pierre Laurent welcomes the attendees to the General Assembly. As first part 

of his report he comments on the modernisation of the ECCAI information 

distribution, made possible by the introduction of an ECCAI description in the WWW, 

including the ECCAI statutes (French and English translation version), the member 

associations, and current rules and procedures. This is a preliminary version that 

will be refined after new information has been received. It will be possible to 

include the Board meetings minutes.


Nicolaas Mars presents the financial report for the year 1994/95.

ECCAI Financial report 1994/1995 (in ECU)

Starting balance 29-07-1994                67955


Interest                         600

Refund ECAI94 loan             15000

TOTAL INCOME                           15600


Travel awards                   4000

Eastern Europe travel awards    9400

ECAI94 ECCAI General Assembly    415

ECAI94 logo                     1060

AI Communications Vol.7                 1550

ECCAI Board meetings            6163

ECAI96 preparation               710

Banking costs                    173

TOTAL EXPENSES                         23471

CURRENT BALANCE                                60084

A part of this Current Balance has been committed already:

ECCAI Board meetings            1859

AI Communications Vol. 8        1450

ECAI96 preparation              2400

Secretarial support             1020

TOTAL COMMITTED                                 6729

EXPECTED BALANCE July 1, 1995          53355

where an expected balance of 53355 ECUs will be available by the end of July. The 

Assembly approves this report.


Jean-Pierre Laurent presents an homage to Susan Struthers who leaves the Secretariat 

of ECCAI after nine years of services from the Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica 

e Tecnologica (IRST) in Trento. A present was given to her in appreciation of all 

her years of ECCAI support, applauded by the General Assembly's participants.

Jean-Pierre Laurent comments on the need of a Secretariat that must be paid by 

ECCAI although provided by the corresponding Chairman. The estimated budget for 

this Secretariat is around 100 ECUs by day with one day of work per week which 

means around fifty or fifty five days/year. For the next period, the Secretariat 

will be provided by Nicolaas Mars until ECAI-96.

(The secretarial position will be held by Ms. Els van der Heijden. ECCAI's address 

will now be:

ECCAI Secretariat

c/o Ms. E.C. van der Heijden

Department of Computer Science

University of Twente

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands)

4.- ECAI-96

Wolfgang Wahlster presents the Program Committee for ECAI-96:

Programme Chair:Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster 

German Research Center for AI, DFKI GmbH 

Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3 

D-66123 Saarbrücken, Germany 

Tel: +49 681 302.52.52 

Fax: +49 681 302.53.41 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Tutorial Chair:Prof. Werner Horn 

Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, FAI

Schottengasse 3 

A-1010 Vienna, Austria 

Tel: +43 1 5353.28.10 

Fax: +43 1 5320.652 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Workshop Coördinator:Dr. Elisabeth André 

German Research Center for AI, DFKI GmbH 

Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3 

D-66123 Saarbrücken, Germany 

Tel: +49 681 302.52.67 

Fax: +49 681 302.53.41 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Members:Christer BAckstrom              Sweden 

René R. Bakker                  The Netherlands 

Wolfgang Bibel                 Germany 

Mario Borillo                  France 

Ivan Bratko                    Slovenia 

Alan Bundy                     Great Britain 

Tony Cohn                      Great Britain 

José Cuena                      Spain 

Robert Dale                    Australia 

Danail Dochev                  Bulgaria 

Floriana Esposito              Italy 

Boi Faltings                   Switzerland 

Martin Charles Golumbic                Israel 

Georg Gottlob                  Austria 

Werner Horn                    Austria 

Kimmo Koskenniemi              Finland 

Sarit Kraus                    Israel 

Ioan Alfred Letia              Romania 

Joseph Mariani                 France 

Pedro Meseguer                 Spain 

Robert Milne                   Great Britain 

Katharina Morik                        Germany 

Bernd Neumann                  Germany 

Cicile L. Paris                        Great Britain 

Jacques Pitrat                 France 

Francesco Ricci                        Italy 

Tamas Roska                    Hungary 

Stuart Russell                 USA 

Erik Sandewall                 Sweden 

Camilla Schwind                        France 

Vadim Stefanuk                 Russia 

Olga Stepankova                        Czech Republic 

Peter Szeredi                  Hungary 

Jan Treur                      The Netherlands 

Wahlster explains that the workshop coordinating person is from DFKI because this 

facilitates coordination with the Program Chair. The Program Committee is approved. 

It was also approved to distribute the ECAI-96 reference through WWW.

Next, the question of multiple submission of papers is discussed. Although ECCAI 

is in favor of single submission, it was agreed to oblige the person submitting to 

different conferences to indicate a preference between the conferences in the case 

of double acceptance. This is feasible for ECAI-96 and AAAI-96.

Next, Maria Tóth presents the local arrangements report about ECAI-96. She 

distributes information about the conference timetable, tutorials, workshops and 

exhibitions. Also the estimated budget is presented, where a surplus of 29170 ECUs 

is expected assuming 500 paying attendees where 50% are paying full fee.

It is commented that no time slot is provided in the preliminary timetable for the 

General Assembly of ECCAI. After discussion it is agreed to fix the General 

Assembly from 12pm to 14pm on Friday 16th. August, 1996.

It is also commented that, may be, it is optimistic to assume 50% of full fee from 

non members of ECCAI Associations.

To make the application of the special ECCAI Member Association fee feasible for 

the conference it is suggested to oblige to provide a membership list from all the 

associations if they want to ensure discounts to its membership. This may be a 

condition useful for the purpose of producing a general ECCAI membership in Europe.


It has been agreed between AAAI and ECCAI that from 1996, AAAIs will be scheduled 

in the second half of July and ECAIs in the second half of August 

Even with this difference in the conference scheduling it was recommended to keep 

the same deadline as AAAI for the Call for Papers, that is around 9 January 1996.

6.- ACAIs

Jean-Pierre Laurent reports about ACAI-95 that he attends himself. He was very 

pleased about the results of this course where seventy people attended (fifty 

french people), even not being advertised in Amsterdam ECAI-94. ACAI-95 has 

actually been successfull. All participants have expressed satisfaction with an

unusual level of enthousiasm...

He considers that the approach followed in this ACAI is very adequate based on:

(1) a strong sponsoring (50% of the budget), 

(2) one week including one weekend and 

(3) contents focused in a general interest unique topic but large enough, as this 

    year was algorithmic complexity for AI, where some people from other fields 

    were interested.

He is positive with respect to ACAI-97 taking into account the ACAI-95 experience. 

He suggests that the deadline for the bid for this course be December-95 in such 

a way that the course and the corresponding grants be advertised in the ECAI-96. 

This may ensure a better diffusion.


Ramon Lopez de Mantaras comments that the situation of AIComm is not good because 

too few submissions are received. At present he has received 17 submissions where 

8 are accepted plus two invited papers. Also a special issue on AI in Scandinavia 

is planned.

AIComm has now been included in the Science Citation Index. However, even the 

improvements reported, AISB is reconsidering to fund AIComm. The AISB 

representative explains that the financial problems of this organization do not 

allow to support AIComm and in an assembly of this association there was a 

majority against the continuation of the support for AIComm.

Wahlster says that even considering that the job of Ramon Lopez de Mantaras is 

good because the quality of the magazine has been improved, there is a problem 

with the AIComm formula because of its ambiguity between a magazine and journal 

contents. He comments that AAAI has also problems with the same formula in its 

AI magazine. Ramon Lopez de Mantaras may propose a new formula, may be on a line 

closer to a journal, at the next meeting of the ECCAI Board.


ECCAI should coordinate the writing of this document where two aspects may be 

considered: first a survey on what happens and what just happened in AI for 

countries, second a synthesis and evaluation in such a way that the existing 

successes may induce the support for additional research in different lines and 

finally a suggestion about what may be done. Nicolaas Mars will coordinate this


ECCAI will propose a detailed draft of the report in April 96 to be distributed 

between associations to allow its discussion in ECAI-96. Nicolaas Mars volunteers 

to coordinate the writing of this report; this offer is accepted by the General 



Nicolaas Mars reports that there is a lack of response by the side of the 

Associations because only three answers had been obtained from 25 Associations. 

But it is pointed out that this may be no significant at all as not enough

information was provided about the use of this future European AI list, nor 

about a standard format for the addresses.

Some members comment that an electronic structure could be more adequate to allow

to get on-line updated versions of lists. Other members of the Assembly 

consider that is important to publish a document even keeping this electronic 


10.- ECCAI BUDGET FOR 1995/96

Nicolaas Mars presents the ECCAI budget for 1995/96 which starts from the balance 

of 54374 ECUs presented at the previous point. Without taking into account the 

profit from ECAI-94, the expected balance on August 96 will be 2474 KECUs but it 

is commented that the day before the Assembly the results of ECAI-94 were obtained. 

A profit of 18000 ECUs is obtained from ECCAI, so the expected balance for August 

1996 will be 20474 ECUs. This balance will be increased in 15000 ECUs when the 

ECAI-96 PC loan will be returned.

Budget 1995/96 in ECU: 

Starting balance 1 July 1995                       54374


Interest                         800

Profit ECAI94                  18000

Total INCOME                                   18800


AI Communications vol. 9        2500

Travel awards                   5000

Eastern Europe travel awards   10000

ECCAI Board meetings            7000

Banking costs                   1000

ECAI96 PC loan                 15000

Preparation of ECAI96           3000

Printing Membership list        3000

Secretariat costs               6200

Total EXPENSES                                 52700

Expected balance August 1996                   20474

Maria Tóth asks for an additional loan of 5000 ECUs for the local arrangements 

committee that will be returned by ECAI-96. Wolfgang Wahlster says that for the 

current year he is going to reduce his needs of money to support the program 

committee. The additional loan is approved.


On behalf of the Board Jean-Pierre Laurent proposes to the Assembly to approve 

the criteria to concentrate the travel grants on ECCAI organized events (i.e. 

ECAI conferences, ACAI courses and IJCAI conferences when they happen in Europe). 

This was accepted by the General Assembly.

José Cuena reports on the submissions received along the years: six submissions 

where only two for ACAI-97 that where accepted. Also he comments that through 

Jean-Pierre Laurent he was in contact with Priscilla Rasmussen from IJCAI-95 who 

asked for support for some European researchers asking for grants to attend this 

conference. Given the lack of resources of ECCAI it was agreed to give a symbolic 

help based on a 1000 ECUs support of the Eastern Europe researchers belonging to 

ECCAI Associations. This money will be taken from the 5000 ECUs budgeted for 

Western travel awards that will remain in the same figure of previous years: 

4000 ECUs. According to the list sent by Miss Rasmussen, only two researchers were 

in this condition; they will receive a 500 ECUs grant each.


The acceptance of two new associations was discussed: the ADUIS, an Ukrainian 

Association, and ACIA, a new Spanish AI Association from Catalonia. After the 

positive report by Stefanuk ADUIS was accepted. José Cuena presented the agreement 

between AEPIA and ACIA to share the two Spanish votes proportionally to their 

memberships (88 ACIA, 247 AEPIA). After this agreement ACIA is also accepted ACIA.

It was commented also that, to ensure a better accounting of votes distribution 

between several associations in a country, an alternative assignement to every 

country of ten votes. Also it was remarked that the current state of vote 

assignement was unfair to countries with large memberships in its associations. 

It was commented that some step-by-step formula could be more adequate and should 

be proposed by the Board. No decision to change the current system was taken, 



José Cuena announced that the guidelines for ECCAI sponsorship are available in the 

WWW document of ECCAI. Its contents may be summarized in the following criteria:

- ECCAI sponsorship means: 

  * To use the ECCAI name and logo when advertising the event. 

  * Members of ECCAI organisation applying to ECCAI's Travel Award fund receive 

    preferential treatment when applying to go to an event sponsored by ECCAI. 

  * A discount rate of 25% when advertising the event in AI Communications. 

  * ECCAI sponsorship confers no direct financial support or liability. 

- ECCAI will sponsor any event (conference or course) relevant enough for AI 

  and/or for  European people. 

- The AI relevancy dimension is evaluated based on the conference/course contents 

  and its program committee. 

- The European dimension may be evaluated in a double view: 

  * The European location 

  * The representation of European know-how in the program committee when the 

    location is outside Europe

14.- ECAI 2000

It was suggested by Jean-Pierre Laurent that in the bid for ECAI 2000 there should 

be specified two additional requirements:

- A significant exhibition about AI, both industrial and academic should be organized,

- A travel grant program for eastern countries members of ECCAI should be an item of

  the conference budget (independently of the annual ECCAI budget).

The bid should be published in September or October.


The AFIA delegate reads a letter by the AFIA Board, claiming that the announcement

of the General Assembly was not sent in time. AFIA suggests that the meeting be held, 

but the election of Board members is to be postponed.

The majority of the General Assembly decides to carry on with the meeting, as most

have received the announcement in time.

Jean-Pierre Laurent communicated to the assembly his impossibility of continuing 

as chairman of ECCAI by professional reasons of change of activity which does no 

allow time available.

He proposes as new ECCAI Chairman Nicolaas Mars who has been very active and very 

efficient in his responsabilities as treasurer and vice-chairman and now is 

providing the ECCAI Secretariat.

Also, Walter Van de Velde has to leave the Board by the same problem of time 

availability. It is necessary to vote for a Belgium representative because ECCAI 

is a belgian association. Luc De Raedt is presented as a candidate for the 

'Belgian' position in the Board.

Both proposals are put to a vote.

The Assembly approved Nicolaas Mars as new ECCAI Chairman with six abstentions. 

The rest of the votes are positive.

Jean-Pierre Laurent leaves his place as Chairman of the General Assembly to 

Nicolaas Mars.

Nicolaas Mars, the new Chairman, expresses his gratefulness to the General 

Assembly for electing him and to Jean-Pierre Laurent for his excellent job as a 

Chairman during this year. The General Assembly aclaims with an applause to 

Jean-Pierre Laurent.

The Assembly approves De Raedt as new Board member with two abstentions.

It is commented that it is important that two additional persons follow the ECCAI 

meetings as observers during this year to ensure that they will be elegible with 

experience enough at the ECAI-96 Assembly. The idea to elect them as observers is 

meant to avoid this type of elections at intermediate years between ECAI 

conferences, where the attendance to the General Assembly is less than to the 

ECAI conference Assembly.

After some discussion about the adequacy of the concept of observer, not 

considered in the ECCAI statutes, the General Assembly approves to vote for two 

observers. Five candidates are proposed as candidates for observers:

Wolfgang Wahlster      (Germany) 

Carl Gustaf Jansson    (Sweden) 

Helder Coelho          (Portugal)

Gerard Kelleher                (AISB U.K.) 

Piero Torasso          (Italy)

Each vote may contain two names. After the vote of 28 votes, the following results 

are obtained:          


Wahlster         13 

Jansson                   6 

Torasso                   4 

Coelho            3 

Kelleher          2

It is concluded that Wahlster and Jansson are observers at the ECCAI Board 

meetings during the period until the Assembly of ECAI-96.

Without any other business to deal with, the session is closed at 17h40 min. 

Last updated 1996-06-01.