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Bulletin #2, May 2001

EDITORIAL from Olga Stepankova & Hana Krautwurmova

The Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence (ACAI-01), Prague : will be held at the Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic) in the first two weeks of July 2001 (July 2-13). ACAI-01 is devoted to multi-agent systems (MAS) and it incorporates The Third European Agent Systems Summer School.

There are offered 30 mini-courses (2-6 hours) on the theoretical foundations of the subject, on agent technologies and on MAS applications. These courses will be delivered by internationally leading experts in the field - most of them contributed to the Springer Verlag volume 2086 LNAI/LNCS being prepared specially for the event.

Besides the courses, ACAI-01includes 2 specialized workshops and 3 student sessions.
ACAI-01 will be of benefit to professionals interested in the emerging technology of MAS as well as researchers and postgraduate students.

NEWS from the ECCAI board and the ECCAI web site

- People getting the ECCAI grants for ACAI'2001 :Alberto Vazquez and Javier Vazquez Salceda and Aida Valls Mateu Catalogna
Cesar Augusto Tacla, France
George Sigletos, Greece
Massimiliano Giacomin and Paolo Luongo, Italy
Harald Xiao, Norway
Mihaela Opera, Slovenia
Patricia Veronica Maldonado Cardenas, Spain

- The winner of the ECCAI Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Award 2001 is

Christian FREI, Lausanne, CH, for "Abstraction Techniques for Resource Allocation in Communication Networks"
The Award will be presented during ACAI (Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence) in Prague, Czech Republic (

CONTENTS of Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence

Volume 4-2000: Section A, in preparation: Individually Submitted Articles

  • Thierry Vidal: Planning and Executing Plans in a Dynamic and Uncertain World.Introduction to the issue special theme.
  • Richard Washington, Keith Golden, and John Bresina: Plan Execution, Monitoring, and Adaptation for Planetary Rovers.
  • Massimo Paolucci, Onn Shehory, and Katia Sycara: Interleaving Planning and Execution in a Multiagent Team Planning Environment.
  • Tara Estlin, Gregg Rabideau, Darren Mutz, and Steve Chien: Using ContinuousPlanning Techniques to Coordinate Multiple Rovers.

Volume 4-2000-Section B, in preparation: Selected Articles from the Machine Intelligence : in the next ECCAI-bulletin #3

Volume 4-2000-Section C on Knowledge Retrieval, Use, and Storage for Efficiency : see ECCAI-Bulletin #1

NEWS from the ECCAI societies

From Matjaz Gams, SLAIS (Slovenia) :

An invitation and CFP for the fourth IS multi-conference at Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana Slovenia, October 22-26, 2001. At that time, there will be also the major IT Slovenian event. As part of IS, he following stand-alone independent conferences will be held: Collaboration and information society, Data mining and warehouses, Development and reengineering of information systems, Education in information society, Intelligent systems, Management and information society, Medical and cognitive science, Speech technologies, New information technologies in fine arts.
URL : and email to .

Other News

Next ECCAI-Bulletin before the end of June 2001


The ECCAI Board decided to create a bulletin sent by email to all the ECCAI members to inform them about the AI research activities in Europe. This bulletin is a contents of the current events of our community. It will allow you to reach the most recent information distributed among numerous Web sites.

This bulletin will be organized in the following sections : Editorial, News from the ECCAI board and the ECCAI web site, Contents of the last AI-Com and contents of the last ETAI, News form the ECCAI Conferences (ACAI, ECAI), News from the ECCAI societies, News from anybody belonging to the European AI community. Mostly, every current event will be described as a title, a date and an URL for accessing the full information.

This bulletin will be sent each month to those responsible in each ECCAI association, asking these responsible persons to diffuse this bulletin to their members. In the future, any ECCAI members might subscribe to a mailing list.

I hope that this bulletin will bring you valuable help; the help of each of you is hereby sollicited.
Marc AYEL, ECCAI board member, ECCAI-Bulletin Editor,

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