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Bulletin #3, June 2001


The annual gathering of the representatives of the ECCAI member societies will be on Friday the 6th of July 2001 in Prague.

This will be co-located with ECCAI's ACAI 2001 Summer school and feature the ECCAI Best Dissertation Award, followed by a concert. Each year the General Assembly meets to review the progress of ECCAI, make plans for the future, and to discuss key issues facing National AI societies today. It is also an rare opportunity to meet the representatives of other national AI societies, to improve communication and to share information, particularly on future events. In addition to reviewing the current status of our on line publications ETAI and AI-Coms, we will discuss future electronic communication and information sharing mechanisms. at IJCAI 2001 there will be a discussion of better world-wide co-ordination of AI societies and the

General Assemble is a chance for our members to discuss what they would like to see. Another highlight of the meeting will be the announcement of the 2001 ECCAI Fellows. They will be presented their Fellow Certificates at a special breakfast during IJCAI.

Rob Milne, ECCAI President

CONTENTS of Artificial Intelligence Communications 14(1) & 14(2)

Volume 14, Number 1, 2001 Special Issue on Environmental Decision Support Systems

  • Ulises Cortés, Miquel Sànchez-Marrè, Ramon Sangüesa, Joaquim Comas, Ignasi R.-Roda, Manel Poch, David Riaño: Knowledge Management in Environmental Decision Support Systems. 3-12
  • Josefa Z. Hernández, Juan M. Serrano: Environmental emergency management supported by knowledge modelling techniques. 13-22
  • Franz Wotawa, Gerhard Wotawa: Deriving qualitative rules from neural networks - a case study for ozone forecasting. 23-33
  • Christine Largouët, Marie-Odile Cordier: Improving the landcover classification using domain knowledge. 35-43
  • Joaquim Comas, Saso Dzeroski, Karina Gibert, Ignasi R.-Roda, Miquel Sànchez-Marrè: Knowledge discovery by means of inductive methods in wastewater treatment plannt data. 45-62
  • Antonio Moreno: Thesis: Modelling rational inquiry in non-idela agents. 63-64
  • Joaquim Comas: Thesis: Development, Implementation and Evaluation of an Activated Sludge Supervisory System for the Granollers WWTP. 65-66

Volume 14, Number 2, 2001

  • S. Greco, E. Masciari and L. Pontieri, Combining inductive and deductive tools for data analysis, pp. 69-82
  • J. Gaertner, N, Musliu and W. Slany, Rota: a research project on algorithms for workforce scheduling and shift design optimizaton, pp. 83-92
  • G.M. Coghill and Q. Shen, On the specification of multiple models for diagnosis of dynamic systems, pp. 93-104
  • V. Stefanuk, Workshop report: Applied Semiotics: Control problems (ASC 2000), pp. 105-109
  • B. Smyth, E. McKenna and M.A. Ferrario, Conference report: ECAI 2000, pp.111-114
  • R. Milne, Student reports: ECAI 2000, pp. 115-122

CONTENTS of Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence

Volume 4-2000 Section A

  • Thierry Vidal: Planning and Executing Plans in a Dynamic and Uncertain World. Introduction to the issue special theme.
  • Richard Washington, Keith Golden, and John Bresina: Plan Execution, Monitoring, and Adaptation for Planetary Rovers.
  • Massimo Paolucci, Onn Shehory, and Katia Sycara: Interleaving Planning and Execution in a Multiagent Team Planning Environment.
  • Tara Estlin, Gregg Rabideau, Darren Mutz, and Steve Chien: Using Continuous Planning Techniques to Coordinate Multiple Rovers.

Volume 4-2000 Section B : Selected Articles from the Machine Intelligence 17 Workshop

Volume 4-2000 Section C on Knowledge Retrieval, Use, and Storage for Efficiency

NEWS from the ECCAI Conferences

- From Frank Van Harmelen, ECAI'02 PC Chair

With the success of ECAI'01 now almost a year behind us, preparations are already under way for ECAI'02 which will be held in Lyon during July 22-26 2002. The following persons have been appointed as conference officials:

Feel free to contact any of these persons with queries or suggestions

Many of the success factors of ECAI'00 will of course be continued (such as the very succesfull PAIS programme for prestigious applications of AI Systems). We will also develop some new initiatives during ECAI'02. Some examples of these are:

In order to encourage authors from Central and Eastern Europe, we are organising a special support program. There will be a travel grant available for each accepted paper from Central and Eastern Europe, and authors are invited to participate in a pre-reviewing programme, where they can receive valuable feedback on their work before the submission date of the conference.

Elsevier will sponsor an award programme, including an invitation to submit an extended version of the 10 best papers to the AI Journal for fast-track reviewing.

ECAI'02 will move into the electronic age, by going for on-line submissions, and by making the proceedings available on CD-ROM as well as on paper.

- From Alain Mille, ECAI'02 LAC Chair

The World famous chef Paul Bocuse (Michelin 3 stars) will welcome the ECAI social dinner until 500 attendees.

The ECAI CfP, the PAIS CfP, the Call for Tutorial Proposals and the Call for Workshop Proposals will be available on the web site of the conference from June 25.

The main deadlines are:

  • 1 October 2001 : deadline for workshop proposals
  • 1 November 2001 : deadline for tutorial proposals
  • 18 January 2002 : deadline for paper summaries (ECAI & PAIS)
  • 22 January 2002 : deadline for papers (ECAI & PAIS)
Societies or research groups which could help us to distribute these calls or the posters of the conference can ask to receive them by post on the ECAI-2002 web site :

NEWS from the ECCAI societies

- EPIA-2001, 10th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence (International Conference), 17-19 December 2001

Programme Co-Chairs: Pavel Brazdil and Alípio Jorge
Submissions of papers due: 13 July 01
More details:

Other News

Next ECCAI-Bulletin in October 2001

ECCAI Bulletin Editor : Marc AYEL

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