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Bulletin #3, May 2002


The 2002 ECCAI General Assembly will be held at ECAI-02 in Lyon.
The meeting will be Tuesday 23 July at 19:00. Location will be announced at the event. Each ECCAI member society is invited to send two representatives to the meeting

The agenda will include

  • a review of the year,
  • selection of the PC Chairman for ECAI-04,
  • selection of the location for ECAI-06,
  • election of new ECCAI board members,
  • selection of the ACAI summer school for 2003
  • The ECCAI board, as discussed at the General Assembly of 2001 also seeks approval for the following change to the ECCAI Articles:

Article 11: Change the second paragraph to read:
"The board members are elected by the General Assembly for a 2-year term.
A board member cannot be elected for more than THREE consecutive terms as representative of the active members of a country."

This has the effect of providing the option of allowing Board members to serve for 6 years instead of only 4. This is desired to improve the continuity of the board. Under the current system, the overlap of old and new board members is only 2 years, or one ECAI cycle. This change will allow to increase the overlap of board members to 4 years, or two ECAI cycles. This will provide better continuity, resulting in a stronger program of activities.

Rob Milne, ECCAI President.

NEWS from the ECCAI board and the ECCAI web site

  • New ECCAI board members

    The ECCAI board is taking nominations for election to the ECCAI board at the General Assembly to be held at ECAI-02 in Lyon.
    ECCAI member societies have to forward any nominations to Rob Milne by the end of May 2002.

    • Program Committee (PC) Chair position for ECAI-2004 in Valencia (E)

    The national societies and the General Conference Chair should nominate a possible candidate and the next ECCAI General Assembly will elect the ECAI-2004 PC chair.
    Such nominations should be accompanied by appropriate supporting material including a curriculum vitae, letters of support and a statement by the candidate that s/he will have the time necessary and secretarial assistance to serve as a PC Chair for ECAI-2004.

    The nominations can be submitted before the end of May, via email to Marc AYEL (email: [email protected])

    • ECCAI Travel Awards

    41 applicants (7 from Italy and France, 5 from Hungary and UK, 3 from Bulgaria,2 from Greece, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia, 1 from Czech, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden).

    The 20 ECCAI grants are given to : Roman BARTAK, Christos BERBERIDIS, Arnaud BERNY, Szatmary BOTOND, Philippe CAILLOU, Fabrizio COSTA, Alexandre DELTEIL, Paulo GOMES, Szita ISTVAN, Yanguo JING, Ognian KALAYDJIEV, Francesca Alessandra LISI, Inês LYNCE, Jacek MANDZIUK, Tadeusz PANKOWSKI, Andrea PASSERINI, Sara PASSONE, Claudia PICARDI, Maja SKRJANC, Grigorios D. TSOUMAKAS.

    CONTENTS of Artificial Intelligence Communications

    The current volume is yet Volume 14, Number 3/2001.

    CONTENTS of Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence

    The contents of ETAI Volume 6, for 2002, will be built up gradually as articles are accepted. Like for all volumes since volume 3 (1999) we will have one section for individually submitted articles (Section A), and additional sections for workshop-based special issues.
    The following sections are planned:

    • A: Individually submitted articles (incomplete at present)
    • B: Selected Articles from the Machine Intelligence 19 Workshop
    • C: Special Section on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

    The last completed sections are :

    • 2000-B: Selected Articles from the Machine Intelligence 17 Workshop (preparation for publication in progress)
    • 2000-C: Special Section on Knowledge Retrieval, Use, and Storage for Efficiency (completed section)

    NEWS from the ECCAI Conferences

    - ECAI'02 hot news

    • ECAI and PAIS accepted papers list on,
    • 137 accepted out of 500 papers (27%)
      The stats with comparisons to previous years are as follows:
      year subm. accept. %
      1992 680 200 29% (Wien)
      1994 450 150 33% (Amsterdam)
      1996 450 133 30% (Budapest)
      1998 456 158 35% (Brighton)
      2000 443 139 31% (Berlin)
    • Accepted papers come from France (27), United Kingdom (24), Italy (18), Germany (12), Spain (11),The Netherlands (8), Austria (7), Greece (4), Ireland & USA (3),Australia & Brazil & Hungary & Poland & Portugal (2) and Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunesia (1)

    Have a glance to Bocuse restaurants (the conference dinner) :

    Registration form is online at the web site of the conference
    Early registration before May 30, 2002

    If you have any material to be presented on the ECCAI stand, please contact ([email protected])

    Other News

    • Next ECCAI-Bulletin in September 2002

    ECCAI Bulletin Editor : Marc AYEL

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