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Bulletin #5, October 2002


This bulletin is now 2 years old and we have to try to improve it either by deleting or by adding some sections.
We do this to be sure we are supplying the information you require and we are not supplying information which is not of interest.
Before the end of the year the responsible person for each of the ECCAI member societies will receive a questionnaire to allow them to provide a synthesis of remarks and propositions emanating from their members.
Thank you for the collaboration of each.


NEWS from the ECCAI board and the ECCAI web site


Nominations are invited for the 2002 AI Dissertation Award sponsored by ECCAI, the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence. This Award includes a certificate signed by the ECCAI Chair and 1.500 Euros (which includes the travel grant for the Award ceremony).

Eligible doctoral dissertations are those defended after December 1, 2001 in the general area of Artificial Intelligence. The dissertation must have been defended at an European university and the author must be a personal member of an ECCAI member society. Multiple submissions of the same doctoral dissertation to other dissertation award activities of other societies are excluded.

To be considered, a dissertation must be nominated by the thesis supervisor, who must submit the following items:

  • three copies of the dissertation or a link to a WWW version of the thesis,
  • five copies of an extended abstract (3 to 5 pages) in English,
    if the thesis was not written in English the nomination must include an English paper describing the core ideas of the thesis that has been submitted for publication in an international journal or a prestigious conference. The nominee must be the first author of this paper.
  • nomination letters from two referees selected by the dissertation supervisor, supporting the submission and stating their assessment of why the thesis should win the award.

The deadline for receipt of submissions is January 31, 2003.
Submissions and Requests should be sent to:

Ulrich Furbach
University Koblenz-Landau AI Research Group
Rheinau 1
D-56073 Koblenz, Germany
Voice: +49 261 287 27 28 Fax: +49 261 287 100 2728 Email:

The past winners are at:


    Deadline: 1 April 2003 : Nominations from the ECCAI societies

    The board would like to know if a society is thinking for a nomination asap. See the ECCAI procedures at

    For additional informations, please contact

CONTENTS of Artificial Intelligence Communications

Volume 15, Numbers 2-3/2002 is the last number

CONTENTS of Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence

The following are the current areas of ETAI activity. Research contributions are received, discussed, and refereed within these areas. Each active area has a list of subscribers, who receive information by E-mail, and a number of additional services such as calendar of events, bibliographies, and others.

  • CBKR: Concept Based Knowledge Representation
  • DRU: Decision and Reasoning under Uncertainty
  • MI: Machine Intelligence Workshops
  • IUI: Intelligent User Interfaces
  • PAS: Planning and Scheduling
  • RAC: Reasoning about Actions and Change
  • SEWEB: The Semantic Web
  • IDS: Intelligent Dialogue Systems
  • KRUSE: Knowledge Retrieval, Use, and Storage for Efficiency
  • NRAC: Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Actions and Change
  • UFN: Uncertainty Frameworks in Nonmonotonic Reasoning
  • AI: General A.I. Research Information
  • MPR: Methodology in Publication and Research

NEWS from the ECCAI Conferences

- ACAI'03

The ACAI'03 with its main theme "Advanced Robotics" focuses on the topics "Multi Robot Teams and Cooperation", "Humanoids and Cognitive Robotics", and "Underwater Robotics". These three fields are at the forefront of research in robotics and that they are strongly interconnected with AI. Distinguished scientist give an in depth introduction to the different areas in invited talks and in tutorial sessions. The ACAI'03 also features hands-on sessions, where the participants can work with various robot platforms from the different fields. The participants have the possibility to present their own work as well as to engage in discussions and to make new contacts during the various social events.

Accommodation and boarding is directly on-site at the green and friendly campus of the International University Bremen.

  • date : July 27th-August 6th 2003 at International University Bremen, IUB (Germany)
  • scope : Advanced Robotics
  • Organizer :

- ECAI'04 : erratum, the correct URL is :

Other News

  • FP6 EoI information - Important

The EU website Cordis now has an active site for Expressions of Interest that were submitted in June. You can search the site and identify other EOI's and grouping that were submitted in your area.
The website is:
This site also has a further search engine to allow you to identify the co-ordinators of other similar EOIs. This may enable you to braden the scope of your projects considerably in readiness for the Calls for proposals which are expected at the end of November.
There is also a site available to allow partners to link together:
If you are considering submitting a proposal to FP6 I strongly recommend you search these site to enhance your proposal.

  • From Max Bramer about ES2002: Cambridge, England, December 10th-12th 2002

The conference website at
Paid up members of ECCAI societies as at 12th November 2002 are entitled to register for ES2002 at a reduced rate.

  • Next ECCAI-Bulletin in December 2002

ECCAI Bulletin Editor : Marc AYEL

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