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Bulletin #1, January 2003


From the summit of Aconcagua, (6968m) in Argentina, ECCAI President Rob Milne wishes all members of ECCAI member societies a very Happy New Year.
Work in the field of Artificial Intelligence is never easy, but like climbing a big mountain, progress is made one step at a time and eventually one reaches the goal!

Rob Milne, ECCAI Chair

NEWS from the ECCAI board


    Deadline: 1 April 2003 (Nominations from the ECCAI societies)

    The board would like to know if a society is thinking for a nomination asap. See the ECCAI procedures at

    For additional informations, please contact

    ECCAI Journals

    • Artificial Intelligence Communications: Volume 15, Numbers 4 (new)
      • Comparing environments for developing software agents by Thomas Eiter, Viviana Mascardi
      • Web-based analysis of data mining and decision support education by Tanja Urbancic, Maja Skrjanc, Peter Flach
      • The emergent computational potential of evolving artificial living systems by Jiqí Wiedermann, Jan van Leeuwen
      • Clustering and instance based learning in first order logic by Jan Ramon

    • Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence:

    ECCAI Conferences

    - ACAI'03:

    July 27 - August 6, 2003
    International University Bremen (IUB), Germany

    The main theme of the ACAI'03 is Advanced Robotics with a particular focus on

    • Humanoids and Cognitive Robotics
    • Multi Robot Teams and Cooperation
    • Underwater Robotics

    These three fields are at the forefront of research in robotics. Furthermore, they are strongly interconnected with AI. Especially in respect to their main challenge, namely the creation of truly autonomous systems.

    Distinguished scientist give an in depth introduction to the different areas in invited talks and in tutorial sessions. The ACAI'03 also features hands-on sessions, where the participants can work with various robot platforms from the different fields. There are also student sessions where the participants have the possibility to present their own work. For this purpose, students are invited to submit a paper.

    Accommodation and boarding is directly on-site at the green and friendly campus of the International University Bremen. The city of Bremen is located in the north of Germany near the coast. Daily nonstop air service to many EU and overseas cities are available from the nearby airport of Bremen. IUB is also easily accessed via motorways and by train. There is the possibility of support for participants upon application.

    Important Dates:

    Participants interested in presenting their work in the students sessions should submit an extended abstract of up to 1000 words by April 30, 2003. If this extended abstract deals with research in the scope of the ACCAI, it may be identical to the one submitted with the application for support. The notification of acceptance is sent by May 15, 2003. A final version of an 8 page paper is due on June 30, 2003. The paper will be included in the ACAI proceedings.

    - ECAI'04:

    Other News

    • From Dr. Hans-Juergen Buerckert, GI/KI (Germany) :

    26th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI-2003),
    Submission of electronic abstracts and papers: April 7, 2003
    September 15-18, 2003 - University of Hamburg, Germany

    • From Roberto (Italy)

    KES 2003 invited session on Soft Computing Techniques for 3D Computer Vision
    3, 4 & 5 September 2003 University of Oxford, United Kingdom

    • Next ECCAI-Bulletin in March 2003

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