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Bulletin #4, June 2003

NEWS from the ECCAI board

  • ECCAI General Assembly

The 2003 ECCAI General Assembly should held at ACAI-03 in Bremen,Germany, Friday 1 August at 13:00.

  • Travel grants for IJCAI-03:

In addition with the travel grants for ACAI-03, the ECCAI board decided recently to give some travel grants (600 €) for attending the next IJCAI. Please contact urgently the ECCAI Travel Grant Officer: Ulises Cortés ()

The applicant rules are at the URL :

ECCAI Journals

  • Artificial Intelligence Communications: Volume 16, Number 2/2003 New !
- A heuristic for learning decision trees and pruning them into classification rules by José Ranilla, Oscar Luaces, Antonio Bahamonde
- Expressing default abduction problems as quantified Boolean formulas by Hans Tompits
- Complexity of argument-based default reasoning with specificity by Xishun Zhao
- Partial evaluation of lazy functional logic programs by Pascual Julián Iranzo
- Constraint solving over multi-valued logics - application to digital circuits by Francisco de Moura e Castro Ascensão de Azevedo
- ClusDM: a Multiple Criteria Decision Method for heterogeneous data sets by Aïda Valls
- Function variables for constraint programming by Brahim Hnich

ECCAI Conferences

- ACAI'03:

July 27 - August 6, 2003
International University Bremen (IUB), Germany

- ECAI'04:

News from the ECCAI societies

  • from Bjornar Tessem ()

The Eighth Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, SCAI'03
Bergen Norway, November 2-4, 2003
June 15, 2003: Submissions for papers, tutorials and workshops

Next ECCAI-Bulletin in October 2003

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