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Bulletin #6, November 2003

NEWS from the ECCAI board


The deadlines :

1 May 2004 : submission of draft detailed bids
30 June 2004 : end of the discussion between the candidates and the ECCAI board
July 2004 : presentation of the bids and selection by the ECCAI General Assembly at Valencia

Guidelines for organizing ECAI
See also the map of the last ECAIs
and the content of the last ECCAI General Assembly

For additional informations, please contact

    see the ECCAI website

The deadline for receipt of submissions is January 31, 2004.
Submissions and Requests should be sent to: Ulrich Furbach
University Koblenz-Landau, AI Research Group
Universitaetstr. 1
D-56070 Koblenz, Germany
Email: [email protected]

This Award includes a certificate signed by the ECCAI Chair and 1.500 Euros (which includes the travel grant for the Award ceremony). The Award will be presented during ECAI 2004 in Valencia, Spain (23-27 August 2004). about the Program Chair.

Eligible doctoral dissertations are those defended after December 1, 2002 in the general area of Artificial Intelligence. The dissertation must have been defended at an European university and the author must be a personal member of an ECCAI member society. Multiple submissions of the same doctoral dissertation to other dissertation award activities of other societies are excluded.
To be considered, a dissertation must be nominated by the thesis supervisor, who must submit the following items:
- three copies of the dissertation or a link to a WWW version of the thesis,
- five copies of an extended abstract (3 to 5 pages) in English,
- if the thesis was not written in English the nomination must include an English paper describing the core ideas of the thesis that has been submitted for publication in an international journal or a prestigious conference. The nominee must be the first author of this paper.
- nomination letters from two referees selected by the dissertation supervisor, supporting the submission and stating their assessment of why the thesis should win the award.

ECCAI Journals

  • Binding Environmental Sciences and Artificial Intelligence
    by Ulises Cortés, Miquel Sànchez-Marrè, Franz Wotawa
  • Forecasting red tides using an hybrid neuro-symbolic system
    by F. Fdez-Riverola, J.M. Corchado
  • Feature selection for air quality forecasting: a genetic algorithm approach
    by Elias Kalapanidas, Nikolaos Avouris
  • Knowledge acquisition in the STREAMES project: the key process in the Environmental Decision Support System development
    by J. Comas, E. Llorens, E. Martí, et al.
  • Knowledge engineering in environmental sciences with IKBS: Application to Systematics of corals of the Mascarene Archipelago
    by N. Conruyt, D. Grosser
  • A conceptual model to facilitate knowledge sharing for bulking solving in wastewater treatment plants
    by U. Cortés, M. Martínez, J. Comas, et al.
  • Qualitative models of interactions between two populations
    by Paulo Salles, Bert Bredeweg, Symone Araujo, et al.
  • Coordination of planning agents to solve problems in the Web
    by David Camacho

ECCAI Conferences

- ECAI'04:

1 Dec 2003 : Deadline for workshop proposals and for tutorial proposals

News from the ECCAI societies

  • Changes for the AISB Board
    • Chair person: John A. Barnden
      email: [email protected] home page:
    • Vice Chair: Eduardo Alonso
      email: [email protected] home page:
    • Treasurer: Paul W H Chung
      email: [email protected] home page:
    • Secretary: Rudi Lutz
      email: [email protected] home page:
    • AISB Journal Editors: Geraint Wiggins and Eduardo Alonso
      email: [email protected] home page:
  • from Max.Bramer ()
    • AI-2003: Cambridge, England, December 15th-17th 2003
    • AIAI 2004 First IFIP Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations
      August, 22-27, 2004 Toulouse, France


  • from Ulises Cortés ()

EU-LAT is an IST project for promoting the participation of Latin American research groups in academic and industrial projects. It started on the 1st of May, 2003.
It organises several workshops. (details)

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