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Bulletin #2, March 2004


Now is the time for each society and its members to reap the benefits of ECCAI membership. Members of ECCAI societies will get a substantial discount to attend ECAI-04. The discount is much more than the typical national AI society membership fee. This can be a good reason for a membership drive leading to ECAI-04.
Students and those who are early in their career can apply for travel grants to ECAI-04. In most cases, the travel grant from ECCAI is more than the membership fees paid to ECCAI by the society. So be sure to publicise this opportunity.
AI Communications continues to be available free of charge to members. With this bulletin is the table of contents of the latest issue. All societies have a log in and password for use of their members. If you are not sure what it is, contact us. To get the most benefit from this, ensure that your members all know the log in and password.
The number of papers submitted to ECAI-04 is the highest of the past 10 years, so we expect a superb event.
See you at ECAI-04

Rob Milne, ECCAI president

NEWS from the ECCAI board

  • ECCAI fellows

Each year ECCAI honours a number of its Societies' members who have strongly contributed to the European AI community, and probably wider for, for several years. Nominations are now sought from the member societies who haven't already sent 2004 nominations.
Deadline for nominations is the 31 May 2004. Please send nominations to Werner Horn and contact him in case of any complications.
See for fuller instructions.
Now is your chance to honour members who have made a strong contribution.

  • New ECCAI board members

The ECCAI board is taking nominations for election to the ECCAI board at the General Assembly to be held at ECAI-04 in Valencia. 2 positions are free and one of them is reserved to a Belgium person
ECCAI member societies have to forward any nominations to Silvia Coradeshi () by the end of May 2004.


The deadlines :

1 May 2004 : submission of draft detailed bids
30 June 2004 : end of the discussion between the candidates and the ECCAI board
July 2004 : presentation of the bids and selection by the ECCAI General Assembly at Valencia

  • Travel grants for ECAI-04

An ECCAI Travel Award Scheme has been established to support students, young researchers and faculty who are members of an ECCAI affiliated society participating in ACAI and ECAI. The awards, valued at 400 Euros each, are for reimbursement of travel and part payment of registration fees.
Conditions for award.
If you accept the ECCAI Travel award you must include an acknowledgement to ECCAI both in your paper --it must be included in the camera-ready version-- and in your presentation.

Before 7 May 2004, Applicants should send:
• A brief CV, including current professional status (PhD student, postdoc, teaching staff, research staff, etc.) and a list of publications.
• Letter or other evidence of professional status and confirmation that the applicant will be allowed leave to attend the event from a Department Head, Professor or Supervisor. This also needs to state that the additional funds needed to attend will be available.
Evidence of membership of an ECCAI affiliated society.
• A case for support, no more than 3 pages, which includes:
1. Evidence of existing interest and expertise in Artificial Intelligence.
2. Reasons why ECCAI should make the award to the applicant and a description of the part the applicant will play in the event.
3. The amount the visit will cost together with evidence of any financial support for the reminder of the cost.

to: Ulises Cortés, ECCAI Travel Grant Officer
LSI - Departament de Llenguatges i Sistemes Informàtics
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC
c/Jordi Girona, 1 & 3, 216
Mòdul C5
08034 BCN, Catalonia, Spain
phone: +34-934017016 fax: +34-934017014 email:

Further information is available at

  • Next General Assembly on Wednesday, August 25th

ECCAI Journals

Guest Editorial :
-- STAIRS 2002 (
by Thierry Vidal, Paolo Liberatore
-- SeLeCT: a lexical cohesion based news story segmentation system
by Nicola Stokes, Joe Carthy, Alan F. Smeaton
-- Using WordNet for case-based retrieval of UML models
by Paulo Gomes, Francisco C. Pereira, Paulo Paiva, et al.
-- Qualitative pattern matching with linguistic terms
by Yannick Loiseau, Henri Prade, Mohand Boughanem
Thesis :
-- Strategies and analysis techniques in functional program optimization
by Santiago Escobar

  • Cooperation between IEEE Intelligent Systems and ECCAI

ECCAI has become a technical cosponsor of the IEEE Intelligent Systems Magazine published by the IEEE Computer Society.
Members of ECCAI member societies are entitled to 27% off the regular subscription rate of the magazine. This applies to paper subscriptions of Intelligent Systems.
Subscription information is to be found in a subscription box on the IEEE Intelligent Systems Website.

ECCAI Conferences

- ECAI'04:

Last news :
A preliminary Worshops/Tutorials Schedule is available.
650 submited papers after 505 papers at ECAI-2002, 443 papers at ECAI-2000 ! The PC responsability is growing!

STAIRS 2004, 2nd European Starting AI Researcher Symposium co-located with ECAI’04
Valencia- Spain 23-24th August
The call for paper is available at

ECCAI societies

  • from Pavel Brazdil ( ):

The Directive Board of APPIA (Portugal) changed.
The new President is Dr. Arlindo Oliveira .
The details concering the new Directive Board are continue to be at:

  • from Max Bramer ():

AI-2004: Cambridge, UK, December 13th - 15th 2004
Organised by BCS SGAI: The British Computer Society Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence (an ECCAI Member Society)

  • from Patrick Doherty () :

Call for Papers for the 4th International Cognitive Robotics Workshop (
Co-Located with ECAI 2004, August 23 and 24, 2004, Valencia, Spain


A Workshop on e-Government & e-Democracy at Santiago, Chile, May 24-27, 2004

Next ECCAI-Bulletin in June 2004

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