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Bulletin #3, October 2011



ECCAI welcomes Romanian AI Society

We are pleased to announce that the Romanian AI Society, ARIA, has joined ECAI. You may get information about the society's activities from its president, Professor Adina Florea


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AI Communications

Contents of latest issue (Volume 24, no.2 / 2011)

  1. Marcello Balduccini and Stefan Woltran, Special issue on answer set programming
  2. Martin Gebser, Benjamin Kaufmann, Roland Kaminski, Max Ostrowski, Torsten Schaub and Marius Schneider, Potassco: The Potsdam Answer Set Solving Collection
  3. Mario Alviano and Wolfgang Faber, Dynamic Magic Sets and super-coherent answer set programs
  4. Marcello Balduccini, Learning and using domain-specific heuristics in ASP solvers
  5. Pedro Cabalar, A logical characterisation of ordered disjunction
  6. Christian Drescher, Oana Tifrea and Toby Walsh, Symmetry-breaking answer set solving
  7. Martin Gebser, Orkunt Sabuncu and Torsten Schaub, An incremental answer set programming based system for finite model computation

IEEE Intelligent Systems

Contents of latest issue (Volume 26, no.5, September/October 2011)

  1. Fei-Yue Wang, A Report on the San Francisco Board Meeting
  2. George Lawton, In the News
  3. Gu Yuan, Xin Zhang, Qingming Yao and Kunfeng Wang, Hierarchical and Modular Surveillance Systems in ITS
  4. Ning Zhong, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Jiming Liu and John G. Taylor, Brain Informatics
  5. John R. Anderson, Shawn Betts, Jennifer L. Ferris, Jon M. Fincham and Jian Yang, Using Brain Imaging to Interpret Student Problem Solving
  6. Jianhua Ma, Jie Wen, Runhe Huang and Benxiong Huang, Cyber-Individual Meets Brain Informatics
  7. Laura Astolfi, Jlenia Toppi, Fabrizio De Vico Fallani, Giovanni Vecchiato, Febo Cincotti, Christopher T. Wilke, Han Yuan, Donatella Mattia, Serenella Salinari, Bin He and Fabio Babiloni, Imaging the Social Brain by Simultaneous Hyperscanning during Subject Interaction
  8. Bin Hu, Dennis Majoe, Martyn Ratcliffe, Yanbing Qi, Qinglin Zhao, Hong Peng, Dangping Fan, Fang Zheng, Mike Jackson and Philip Moore, EEG-Based Cognitive Interfaces for Ubiquitous Applications: Developments and Challenges
  9. W. Art Chaovalitwongse, Young-Seon Jeong, Myong-Kee Jeong, Shabbar F. Danish and Stephen Wong, Pattern Recognition Approaches for Identifying Subcortical Targets during Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery
  10. Dong Sang, Bin Lv, Huiguang He, Ding Wen and Jiping He, Analyzing Neural Interaction Characteristics in a Monkey's Motor Cortex during Reach-to-Grasp Tasks
  11. Robert R. Hoffman, David Ziebell, Paul J. Feltovich, Brian M. Moon and Steven F. Fiore, Franchise Experts
  12. Trends & Controversies
  13. Sinan Aral and Dylan Walker, Identifying Social Influence in Networks Using Randomized Experiments
Last Update: 21-October-2011
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