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Currently, the following AI societies are members of ECCAI, the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence.
ÖGAI (Austria)
Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Artificial Intelligence)
Benelux Association for Artificial Intelligence
BAIA (Bulgaria)
Bulgarian Artificial Intelligence Association
CSKI (Czech Republic)
Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics (Ceská spolecnost pro kybernetiku a informatiku)
DAIS (Denmark)
Danish Artificial Intelligence Society
FAIS (Finland)
Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society (Suomen Tekoälyseura ry)
AFIA (France)
French Association for Artificial Intelligence (Association Française pour l'Intelligence Artificielle)
GI/KI (Germany)
German Informatics Association (Gesellschaft für Informatik; Sektion KI e.V.)
EETN (Greece)
Hellenic Artificial Intelligence Association
NJSZT (Hungary)
John von Neumann Society for Computing Sciences (Neumann János Számítógéptudományi Társaság)
AIAI (Ireland)
Artificial Intelligence Association of Ireland
IAAI (Israel)
Israeli Association for Artificial Intelligence
AIIA (Italy)
Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (Associazione Italiana per l'Intelligenza Artificiale)
LANO (Latvia)
Latvian National Organisation of Automatics (Latvijas Automatikas Nacionala Organizacija)
LIKS-AIS (Lithuania)
Lithuanian Computer Society--Artificial Intelligence Section (Lietuvos Kompiuterininku Sajunga)
NAIS (Norway)
Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Society
PAIS (Poland)
Polish Artificial Intelligence Society (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Sztucznej Inteligencji)
APPIA (Portugal)
Portuguese Association for Artificial Intelligence (Associação Portuguesa para a Inteligência Artificial)
ARIA (Romenia)
Romanian Association for Artificial Intelligence
RAAI (Russia)
Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence
SSKI SAV (Slovak Republic)
Slovak Society for Cybernetics and Informatics at Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovenská spolocnost pre kybernetiku a informatiku pri Slovenskej akadémii vied)
SLAIS (Slovenia)
Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society (Slovensko drustvo za umetno inteligenco)
ACIA (Spain)
Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence (Associació Catalana d'Intelligència Artificial).
AEPIA (Spain)
Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence (Asociación Española para la Inteligencia Artificial)
SAIS (Sweden)
Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society
SGAICO (Switzerland)
Swiss Group for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (Schweizer Informatiker Gesellschaft)
ADUIS (Ukrain)
Association of Developers and Users of Intelligent Systems.
AISB (United Kingdom)
Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour
BCS-SGAI (United Kingdom)
British Computer Society Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence

The membership of YUGAI of (former) Yugoslavia is suspended. Belarus has applied for membership, but later withdrew its application.
Last update: 18-Oct-2010
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