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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment

There is a common notion that AI will take over jobs from human beings. This is a reasonable belief because AI has made it easier and more efficient for companies to perform the same tasks people do in a fraction of the time a human would take. Plus, we have all watched the terminator series, right?

Machines don't sleep; neither do they need the same care and attention human beings would in the same conditions.

AI can be defined as the development of the reasoning faculty and behavior of a non-human being. In other words, robots and machines can develop and improve their reasoning and working capability; AI was created to mimic human beings, identify problems, and solve them.

There are several different artificial intelligence, including:

Systems that think like humans

According to a study on the effects of AI on the job market, machines will affect several jobs.

Michael Webb, a doctoral student at Stanford, showed that the AI would influence around 95% of jobs. This, however, does not mean that AI will take over the job; rather, it means that tasks will be exposed, complimented, or completed by AI.

However, it is worth noting that in the US, less than 18% of jobs are under the direct threat of AI takeover. Around 34% have at least a medium level exposure to AI, while fewer than half-face low to no exposure to AI.

For manufacturing jobs, where workers feel most threatened by automation, it will offer some comfort to know that AI will affect higher-skilled Work as opposed to manufacturing jobs. According to the study by Michael Webb, the group most likely to suffer from AI influence is high skill occupations such as college graduates and people with advanced professional degrees.

On the question of the impact of AI on jobs, it is guaranteed that AI will sometime in the future take over certain kinds of jobs such as the automation of the more monotonous jobs, including manufacturing; call centers, cashiers, and security. However, this will also result in the creation of other kinds of jobs related to AI technology such as robotics, programming, and communication between machines.

The best way to view AI technology is through a different kind of lens, where it should be viewed to help ease our Work. For people associated with jobs with a risk of being taken over by AI, they should evolve with the technology, and try to find new ways of working with AI.

AI is here with us and is guaranteed to be part of humanity's future. Finding ways to cope and work with AI is the best way for people to evolve and find new ways of making money with AI in place.

So what are the best ways to cope with an AI takeover of our jobs? What can you do at home, rather than just sit around and sulk at the inevitable? Do you give up? Or do you find ways to deal with your job loss through work and businesses you can do from home?

Popular Work from Home Jobs

Considering that AI took over your job in the event you may be short of cash, here are some work at home jobs that don’t cost anything.

Affiliate Marketer

If you don't know about affiliate marketing, it is simply referring a client to a certain market and earning a commission for it. Let's say you have a website and provide an affiliate link to a toy or commodity on Amazon, if a person clicks on the link and purchases the product, you will get a percentage of the purchase price.

The best thing with this kind of job is you don't have to do too much to get paid; all you need is the right eye for the right kind of goods, likely to be purchased.


Can you do some animation? Are you skilled in producing visual effects for video games, television sets, and other media? Your skills may be highly valued, and you may end up with a great job working from home.

All you will need is a good computer and some dope skills. Amazingly, you can get paid anywhere between $25 and $106 an hour working this type of job.

Baking or Catering

Do you love cooking? You can make money selling food online and providing delivery services. If you love baking, you can do it for some extra cash on the side.


This is another great opportunity for writing lovers with a little patience. Blogging allows you to write on your choice topics, meaning you get to have fun and, at the same time, generate revenue. How it works is such that if your blogs earn enough traffic for your website, you will start generating income.

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs with no Startup Fee - Bookkeeping

All you need to start earning a reported amount of between $34,000 and $70000 and enroll for a bookkeeping course at a local college. However, if you have a CPA certificate, you are in a much better position to register on bookkeeping courses immediately.

Child Caregiver Jobs

If you can get your hands on the right kind of permits and licenses, a childcare business may bring in the much-needed financial relief.

You may decide to take care of children for certain duration of time, maybe half or full day, and watch yourself survive harsh times.


If you are skilled and qualified in certain areas such as accounting or law, then you can earn some money on the side by providing advice to businesses right from the comfort of your home. This at-home job will not cost you anything apart from your skills.

Customer Service Representative Jobs

If you have some prior experience working with a phone, speaking to clients, you can choose to be a customer service rep. It does not require a lot to start, and if you have reliable internet and a landline, you are well on your way to getting yourself around $8-$15 an hour.

Data Entry

This is where you input data for a company and get paid for it. This job does not require a lot apart from some computer literacy and excellent typing skills, which may see you well o your way to getting a new job.

E-Commerce Store Management

There are opportunities on the internet where you can start an e-commerce business; some of these available opportunities include wholesaling, white labeling manufacturing, and drop shipping.

Thanks to the internet, you can get ready platforms that allow you to begin selling immediately.

Editing and Proofreading

This is a free to start job opportunity where you can end up making some decent money on the side. Companies will pay up to $20 an hour for their books to be proofread and edited.

Film and Post Instructional Videos

If you have some exciting content and trust that it may be appealing to other people, you can create a YouTube account and start rolling out content expecting at least between $1 and $2 per 1000 views. This means the more interesting you are to audiences, the more the money you can make.

Grant Writer Jobs

Certain institutions such as schools and nonprofit organizations require grant money. These applications are times quite difficult to finish and require someone who is used to working grants to do it. Companies and organizations will pay up to $67,000 annually for the services of a grant writer.

Graphic Designing

Many companies are looking for skilled graphic designers who can produce an interesting and unique logo for their jobs and websites.

We have seen the kind of subliminal messaging associated with logos, where a hidden meaning is placed behind normal-looking logos, designed to grasp the client's interest subconsciously.

A graphic designer is well sort after, and if you are any good, you can expect at least $45,000 and upwards.

Internet Security Expert

The internet currently poses a great risk to your personal information and your internet gadgets by affecting them with viruses. You can get a job monitoring the security requirements of the client. You may also be required to provide data protection systems knowing the internet and the danger it poses, this will be a hot cake type f job in the near future, and maybe lucrative.

Online Teaching

There are certain types of platforms on the internet that will provide you a platform for teaching others for a god fee. You may have to teach Chinese kids some English over the internet or may end up teaching another group of people for a fee.

Online teaching is gathering more and more steam, especially with the covid 19 pandemics at hand, and may see you're getting a pretty decent fee teaching online.

Product Reviewing

You may find yourself earning around $20,000 to $95,000 to take a first look at products and provide your opinion on the pro0duct.

The great thing about this job is the number of free stuff you will get for reviewing, once your channel starts getting enough views. Companies will want you to test out their products as a positive review from you, which translates to more clients for them.


AI will inevitably take over some jobs and result in job losses. It is already starting as big manufacturing companies are opting for more automation as opposed to physical labor. Older people may find it hard to adapt to new technology; however, they will find something they can also do with minimum technological requirements, except maybe calling and receiving phone calls.

For younger people, evolving will be mandatory, and they will have to adapt to new ways of generating income. Technology has not only brought negative impacts but has also created more opportunities that, if harnessed, can be a great income earner.

One way to do this, especially with the covid19 pandemic, is working from home. The above ways are a great way to start; however, you can still create new ways and ideas of making money.

Last Update: 21-May-2014
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